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Dr. Melanie G. Trexler is a dedicated & compassionate chiropractor who has established Healing Touch Chiropractic to empower individuals and families to reach their full potential in health and in life. Dr. Melanie is a Charlotte native.


What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts that is based upon the understanding that good health depends, in part, upon a normally functioning nervous system (especially the spine, and the nerves extending from the spine to all parts of the body). Your nervous system controls and coordinates every function of your body, including all organ functions. A large portion of your nervous system passes through your spine.  It is your spinal cord that acts as the major cable exiting your brain traveling down inside your spinal column and it branches off into spinal nerves at various levels of your spine.  These spinal nerves then exit between individual spinal vertebrae (bones) and go to the various parts of your body.  To be healthy it is essential that your nervous system function properly and be free from any interference caused by subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae).  Subluxations can cause interference to the nervous system at any point along the spine where the nerves exit. This can adversely affect the function of various parts of your body, and ultimately your health. Chiropractic focuses on correcting spinal subluxations and thus removing nervous system interference so all organs and cells of the body can function properly to heal and maintain good health.

Chiropractors correct subluxations by delivering chiropratic adjustments. They typically use their hands to deliver a controlled, precise thrust to the malaligned bone in order to reposition it into the proper location so that pressure is released off of the nerves and function is restored. This typically brings relief of symptoms, healing of tissues and restoration of muscular and organ function.

Chiropractic care is the third largest primary health care profession in the world (with medicine and dentistry). It offers a non-invasive, non-drug alternative to some of the significant health care problems plaguing the world today. The conditions that doctors of chiropractic address are as varied and as vast as the nervous system itself. All chiropractors use a standard procedure of examination to diagnose a patient's condition and arrive at a course of treatment. Doctors of chiropractic use the same time-honored methods of consultation, case history, physical examination, and x-ray examination. In addition, they provide a careful chiropractic structural and neurological examination, paying particular attention to the spine and nervous system.
The examination of the spine to evaluate structure and function is what makes chiropractic different from other health care procedures. Your spinal column is a series of movable bones that begin at the base of your skull and end in the center of your hips. Thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves extend down the spine from the brain and exit through a series of openings. The nerves leave the spine and form a complicated network that influences every living tissue in your body.
Accidents, falls, stress, tension, overexertion, and countless other factors can result in displacements or derangements of the spinal column, causing irritation to spinal nerve roots. These irritations are often what cause malfunctions in the human body. Chiropractic teaches that reducing or eliminating this irritation to spinal nerves can cause your body to operate more efficiently and more comfortably.
Chiropractic also places an emphasis on nutritional and exercise programs, wellness and lifestyle modifications for promoting physical and mental health. While chiropractors make no use of drugs or surgery, Doctors of Chiropractic do refer patients for medical care if those interventions are indicated. In fact, chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists and other health care professionals now work together to bring people a more complete approach to their healthcare needs. While Chiropractors are best known for their ability to correct misalignments of the spine, which are called subluxations, some chiropractors choose to specialize in adjusting extremity joints as well (shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, feet).
What conditions have chiropractors helped?
Most people associate chiropractors with low back pain and neck pain. Those are only the tip of the iceberg, chiropractic has been extremely effective at helping a multitude of problems.  All of the following are conditions that have been helped by chiropractors over the years:
Asthma  Acne   Alertness problems  ADHD
Allergies  Auto-immune diseases Autism
Bed wetting  Bronchitis   Bursitis
Bell’s Palsy  Colds   Constipation
Coughs  Cramps   Deafness
Diarrhea  Difficulty breathing  Dizziness
Eye problems Fatigue   Headaches
Hemorrhoids Heart problems  High (or low) blood pressure
Insomnia   Immunity problems  Infertility
Kidney troubles Miscarriages  Menstrual problems & cramps
Migraines  Muscle Spasms  Multiple Sclerosis
Nervousness Nueralgia   âPMS
Pneumonia  Sinus problems  Thyroid problems
Weakness   Vision Problems including Blindness  
   and much more. 
"While other professions are concerned with changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment." - Dr. B.J. Palmer, Developer of Chiropractic

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