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Dr. Melanie G. Trexler is a dedicated & compassionate chiropractor who has established Healing Touch Chiropractic to empower individuals and families to reach their full potential in health and in life. Dr. Melanie is a Charlotte native.


Why Chiropractic Works     written by Dr. Melanie Trexler
  How can chiropractic help a baby with ear infections, or a young boy with asthma, or a mother suffering with migraines?  We each were born with an innate intelligence that directed our formation in the womb. Innate means “born with” and intelligence simply means “wisdom”.  This innate intelligence ensured that our fingers grew off of the arm buds and not off the top of our head.  It connected our stomach to our intestines, not to our lungs.  It collected nutrition from the mother and delivered it to the fetus at the right time, in the right amount, and in the right biochemical form.  It constructed two microscopic cells into a baby human being, and it will orchestrate your health for the rest of your life.  This innate intelligence controls and coordinates the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system in the human body.  The innate intelligence communicates by physiologically sending messages over the incredibly intricate nervous system.  Chiropractic deals directly with the Central Nervous System, the mind-body connection.  The nervous system is a marvelous system of communication made up of 100 billion brain neurons, 100 trillion bits of storage and over 45 miles of nerves.  

Unfortunately, we often don’t appreciate the importance and impact of the nervous system on our overall health until we hear the tragedies of paralyzed people who sustained serious injury to their spine.  Vital messages from the brain travel along the spinal cord which is protected by the 24 spinal bones or vertebrae.  From the spinal cord extend nerves that transmit signals to every facet of the body.  These nerves exit the protection of the spinal column through narrow passages between the vertebrae.  It is when a vertebra shifts out of alignment that this passageway is altered and pressure is placed upon the nerve.  This type of nerve compression spinal injury is known as a vertebral subluxation (sub-lucks-a-shun) complex, or simply a subluxation. Paralysis is a total blockage of nerve signals and 0% function, a subluxation is a partial dislocation of a spinal bone causing partial blockage of nerve signals and less than 100% function.  

Subluxations result in nervous system interference that alters the communication pathways in the body, similar to static on the radio that distorts the message.  Each body part (ears, eyes, sinuses, bowels, lungs, heart) has a nerve supply from a specific spinal level and if that nerve supply is diminished the organ can not function correctly and is therefore weak and vulnerable to malfunction, and disease.  Subluxations partially paralyze the tissue or organ supplied by the corresponding level of the spinal subluxation, and that is serious.  Research supports that irreversible damage can begin within two weeks of a subluxation.  Research also supports that a subluxation can cause enough nerve compression to cause death by altering the communication signals transmitted over the nervous system to the heart, lungs and other vital organs.  

That is why correction of the subluxation is so extremely important.  The only professionals trained to locate and correct a vertebral subluxation complex are Doctors of Chiropractic! Chiropractors study for a combined eight years at college and accredited chiropractic colleges and pass National and State Boards in order to qualify to begin practice.  

Chiropractic adjustments are comfortable, extremely safe, and effective at restoring health.  Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations, giving the body’s innate intelligence a chance to heal and restore function to the body.  That’s why chiropractic helps people with such things as asthma, ear infections, headaches, sterility, fibromyalgia, blindness, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, deafness, tinnitus, headaches, migraines, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, bladder troubles, menstrual cramps, etc. 

When the nervous system has interference, the result is dysfunction, and disease.  Chiropractic locates nervous system interference, and eliminates it naturally through the chiropractic adjustment, without the use of drugs or surgery, so people can heal and maintain optimal function and health for their entire lives.  

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The Solution to Headaches & Migraines     written by Dr. Melanie Trexler
A 25 year old lady wakes up in the morning twice a week with severe headaches.  It starts in her neck and radiates to the top of her head.  She has suffered with them for years and they’ve just become worse, and now she is having blurred vision with the headaches.  Does she have a lack of aspirin in her body or is this a sign of a deeper problem that is progressively worsening with time?  She said it started out with “just normal headaches”.  Normal headaches, is there such a thing as a normal headache?  I must say that most headaches are abnormal! They are common, but not normal.  

A 56 year old man has been experiencing migraines for 45 years.  His migraines last 2-4 days, and they have been occurring two times a month for 45 years.  He has tried all kinds of treatments including Immitrex medicine and none have eliminated the migraines.  
Headaches and migraines are the body’s way of saying there is a problem somewhere that needs your attention.  Aspirin and medications will relieve and mask the pain, while allowing the underlying problem to fester and grow worse.  

There are many different types of headaches and some are more dangerous than others.  I will describe some of these and then reveal the underlying cause of them.  

A tension headache feels like a tight band around the head and is often associated with stress.  They usually occur at the end of the day after you have had ample time to be stressed.  They involve intense contraction of the neck and scalp muscles and may last an hour, a day or even weeks.  Common medical treatments include simple analgesics (aspirin), avoidance of stress, or antidepressant therapy. 

A cluster headache often occurs abruptly on one side of the head, usually behind the eye, with intense throbbing.  They occur in clusters with one or more episodes a day often at similar times of the day, like in the morning.  Or they could occur 2-3 times each night for a week or longer.  Then the headaches could disappear for weeks or months before another attack.  Most medical treatments can not eliminate pain and are therefore aimed at preventing attacks if possible.

Sinus headaches involve pain and pressure in the sinuses around the eyes.  They can be associated with allergies and make the eyes burn and water or stop up the ears.  They are sometimes accompanied by sinus infections and can include chronic mucus drainage down the back of the throat.  Medical treatments can be pain relievers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, Allegra, Claritin and other prescriptive drugs.

Migraines are severe headaches that last for hours or days.  They include intensely severe pain that is worsened by noise or light.  Often sufferers go into a dark quiet place to lie down and can miss days of work at a time.  They usually are accompanied by nausea, vomiting and blurred vision.  Tunnel vision, flashing spots or zigzag lines can occur.   Medical treatments vary and include a vast choice of prescription drugs like Immitrex.  Often one drug will not work and many different ones must be tried before finding one that will just take the edge off the migraine.  Many sufferers have to be taken to the hospital for treatment with more potent drugs. 

People should also be aware of more serious and life threatening headaches.  A sudden severe headache with severe neck stiffness, sometimes with nausea, vomiting, and visual changes, or blackouts can be a sign of meningitis or brain hemorrhage.  Early morning headaches in the back of the head with nausea, vomiting, or visual disturbance upon bending over can be a sign of increased intracranial pressure.  Increased intracranial pressure can be caused by brain hemorrhage or a tumor growth.  These are serious or life threatening, get to a hospital.  

Temporal arteritis is a serious headache that requires immediate attention also.  It usually occurs in the elderly population with throbbing pain on one side over the temple region.  The temporal artery may appear large, full and protruding.  Visual disturbances may occur also.  If these symptoms appear one should seek emergency care.  Medical treatment is usually with high dose corticosteroids to be started immediately in order to prevent irreversible blindness. 

A headache may be a symptom of a serious disease and should not be treated symptomatically (with pain relievers and drugs) without attempting to find it’s cause!  Now let’s find the cause of headaches, as well as the solution.  

In the rare event that you experience the above serious or life threatening symptoms get to the hospital.  However, most headaches are in the categories listed earlier.  The solution is to locate the cause of those headaches and eliminate it.  It is that simple!  The cause of about 90% of headaches and migraines is the Vertebral Subluxation Complex, also known as the Subluxation.  A Subluxation is when a vertebra (spinal bone) is twisted out of alignment causing irritation to the nerves.  This misalignment changes the shape of the narrow opening where the nerve exits the spine, thus putting pressure on the nerve.  This causes a distortion in the communication system of the body.  When the body cannot relay the proper messages to itself, then how can it respond and function optimally? It can’t!  Headaches are a result of abnormal function in the body.  WebMD states that “During a headache, specific nerves of the blood vessels and head muscles are activated and send pain signals to the brain”.  

A subluxation in the neck also affects the blood supply to the head and the cranial cavity.  The fact that the arteries run directly through the neck bones shows that their function can be dramatically altered by a twisted vertebra and cause visual dysfunction, headaches and throbbing pain. This reveals how a subluxation in the neck and it’s neurological and circulatory implications relate to your headaches and migraines.  The solution is found in chiropractic care.  Chiropractors are the only Doctors properly trained to locate and safely correct a subluxation.  

The two people mentioned at the beginning of this article have eliminated their headaches and migraines with chiropractic care.  Headaches interfere with life.  Those that have headaches or migraines suffer needlessly, and they are not the only ones affected; just ask their family members, children, friends and co-workers. It’s hard to be nice and have a positive attitude with others when you are dealing with an intense headache.  Headaches negatively affect relationships.  Subluxations cause headaches.  Chiropractic care corrects subluxations.  By correcting the cause of the headache, chiropractors bring not only relief to headache sufferers,  but true healing to the underlying problem, thus changing the dynamic of their lives and the lives of those around them! 

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