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Dr. Melanie G. Trexler is a dedicated & compassionate chiropractor who has established Healing Touch Chiropractic to empower individuals and families to reach their full potential in health and in life. Dr. Melanie is a Charlotte native.



We offer NASA certified nervous system scanning technology. Our scan will safely and accurately document and monitor nervous system function. Since the nervous system is the most important system in the human body, it is important to have it checked periodically.

This assessment scan tests an individual for the impact of physical trauma, emotional stress and chemical toxins on your body. The scan is a 5 minute process that identifies problems in the nerves that send communications from your brain to your organs and muscles. Interference in this part of the nervous system is most often pain-free, but is easily detectable with our high-tech equipment.

When there are problems with these nerves, health problems soon follow. Early detection and correction can mean the difference between creating wellness and preventing health problems, or allowing disease to develop. The scanning process effectively assesses your body for specific hidden problems that may negatively affect your health and quality of life well in advance. It is critical to monitor your body for health problems before symptoms appear. Research shows that disease can be present in your body for months, even years, before you are aware of it. Many health problems can be foreseen in advance and prevented with these proper evaluations.

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